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Adult Students
Courses Taught

San Jose State University (SJSU), 2017-Present

  • Statistical Applications in the Social Sciences (SOCI/SOCS 15)

  • Quantitative Research Methods (SOCI 104)

  • Sociology of Childhood (SOCI 178)

  • Graduate Seminar, Sociology of Childhood (SOCI 223) [Fall 18]


Sacramento State University (CSUS), 2015-2017

  • Introduction to Statistics for Sociologists (SOC 101)

  • Research Design and Analysis (SOC 102)

  • The Family (SOC 166)

  • Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence (SOC 170)

University of California, Davis (UC Davis), 2009-2016

  • Introduction to Social Research, Data Analysis (SOC 46B)

  • Sociology of Gender (SOC 132)

  • Sociology of Childhood (SOC 153)

  • Ideologies of Race, Class and Gender (SOC 172) 

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is informed by my longstanding interest in in how the mechanisms of social inequality have been woven seamlessly into the fabric of daily life. Through my teaching, I aim to help students see and understand how the contours of our own lives are shaped by social forces and how these forces create and sustain social inequalities. By exposing students to new information and diverse perspectives, and by encouraging them to develop critical analytic and literacy skills, I aim to provide them with the tools to become more informed and engaged citizens.

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